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Trainer Tuesdays at Hubs and Hops. Bring your bike and trainer for an hour long training session that will focus on cadence and leg drills. Build a base and strengthen over the winter with us. Sessions start at 6:30pm on the back porch.
20-40 mile road ride Saturday morning leaving Hubs and Hops at 7:45, out and back on Springhill Rd. All speeds welcome.
JENGA NIGHT...$2.50 Mich Ultra Drafts
Tonight 6pm
Jenga night is BACK! $2.50 Michelob Ultra on draft! Thursday at 6pm We will also have pizza from Paulie's for $1.50 a slice. 
The rules are simple, play Jenga and win BEER! 
The tournament is classic elimination style - if you lose, you're out, if you win you proceed to the next round. The champion's bar tab will be on the house! 
Sign-up starts at 6 pm and the games will begin at 6:30 pm.
The weather is perfect tonight for Downtown Thomasville's  Sip-N-Stroll at 8pm and a clay road ride tomorrow at 8am!!! Do it all from Hubs and Hops. WE LOVE FALL

#whoneedssleep  #notme  #havingtoomuchfun
Cooler weather calls for a camping trip! Join us on November 10th for our second bikepacking trip to Reed Bingham Park in Adel, GA. 
The self sufficient ride starts from Hubs and Hops at 9am.  We will ride approximately 65 miles each way on mostly clay roads (estimate 6 hours each day). Convenient stores are located along the way for rest stops. If you need any equipment sagged, one vehicle will be making the trip later in the afternoon and will return on Sunday.

The route is posted as Rick's Hubs and Hops Overnight Bike Packing on the RideWithGPS app (take out the Metcalf portion). It will be available here soon.

Please let us know by Thursday Nov 8th if you are planning on camping with us!!

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