One blessing is enough

The day…Sept 30th, 2008.

So here’s the deal, the whole “story of the universe” stuff, ya…I don’t really know, but who does. (Tip, if you say you “know for sure”, I’m probably not going to like you because you’re kinda full of shit) Ok, back to my story.

Megan and I were sleeping, in the middle of the night I rolled over for some spooning action, I reach for some boob (look, don’t judge. It’s just how it is…she’s beautiful, she has boobs and I just want to touch them) and something different happened, I woke up completely, you ever do that? I was laying there because I felt a strange thing, something was new and it didn’t belong. So what did I do? I went back to sleep.

BUT, the next morning I was like “hey, last night…I felt something wrong in your boob” Megan was like, “what?” (Oh ya, by the way..if you are looking for Catcher in the Rye quality writing, bad news…I’m not your guy.) I said “ya, you should check that shit out.” Here is the part where you should punch me in the face, I kinda dropped it. Megan however took what I said(and yes, it was probably more than “check that shit out”) and she scheduled an appointment with her doctor…ya, she is definitely the smart one in the relationship.

So, let’s just cut to the chase..that “shit” was cancer. There is no way to cram everything that happened over the next 12 months into this one blog post , so just know this, Megan is a bad ass..she punched cancer in the face and after some pretty rough times she is walking tall, kicking ass…just as beautiful as ever.

What’s the point? There’s two.

1. I’ve struggled with God and faith and all of that over the last couple of years. Like I said, the people that I know that are hard core christians or hard core atheists are equally as closed minded and just tend to get on my nerves. Who really knows…it’s ok not to know, I think the test of intelligence is to accept that the knowledge of the universe won’t fit between our ears.

This is what I know. All of Megan’s doctors said it was impossible for me to feel her “lump” of cancer. Ya, well guess what, fuck impossible. I felt the lump, Megan was like a dog on a bone and she kicked cancer to the curb. I am truly grateful for the outcome and feel blessed beyond belief for all that has happened. I guess some things are just mysterious, how did I feel that? Was it God? I don’t know, but this I do…there are definitely weirdoes on both ends of the religious scale. I do want to believe there is a God, I can’t say I really know what that looks like, but I’m going to do my best to try and find out.

2. This one is really important! October (yes tomorrow) is breast cancer awareness month, so do yourself a favor and go feel your boobs, or your girlfriend’s boobs, or your wife’s boobs…whatever, just check it out, it matters.

If you want more info on Megan’s whole story, check out

I love you Megan.

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  1. leslie murphy:

    Another great story and I like your style of writing because its easy to read. God means “being”……Life is a great mystery. Einstein said we will never understand it all and why would we want to? Dive into the mystery…..the night you felt the boob (anyone who judges boob holding just doesn’t get it) you were “being in the mystery”….and it spoke to you. That’s because love is involved….and you do know how to write about loving your family Mike. We all benefit….So happy Megan is here and healthy….keep writing….love, leslie murphy

  2. bravo to you both.
    cancer sucks and it also brings gifts of love and learning (a lot of the learning we never really asked for, but it comes, nonetheless).
    Way to go, Mike and Megan. You two are magical and blessed…

    and, btw, god is a woman anyway, so there ya go.
    i don’t know for sure, but i hang with a lot of Goddesses around these parts and so i have a pretty good idea.

    hope to see you both sooner than later. been a while and thanks for writing this loving and informative post.

  3. Love you!

  4. Joe Ohman:

    Love this story and your writing style, better than catcher on the rye. Your passion and obvious love for Megan can’t be missed. Lots to love about this story, my favorite line:
    “I think the test of intelligence is to accept that the knowledge of the universe won’t fit between our ears.” As one of the weirdos on the faith side, I don’t believe in impossible either. We love you and Megan, and so glad she kicked cancer’s ass! :)
    Thanks for this post this morning!

  5. Joyce Homenko:

    Dear Mike…

    I am so pleased you chose to write about breast cancer, the awareness month of October, your uncertain relationship with God, and most importantly finding that invasive little lump in Megan’s breast. Thank you for the ‘gift’ of Megan’s survival. Any professional who dismisses our personal ability to detect or feel that something isn’t right needs a verbal smack down. This may sound harsh, but complacency exists in every line of work and Physicians are no different. The other good part of you and Megan’s persistence was that you taught the experts, who, then in turn could care for that next patient and give them the gift of life. Thank you. Thank you. Love, Joyce

  6. mark:

    One has to celebrate momentous achievements, especially when it relates to the big C. I am so thankful and proud of you both. you guys are rock stars in my eyes.

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