Friday, May 17th.

So here’s the deal, this is an email/text I sent to my two boys… the only reason I decided to post this here was to share how bad ass I think they both are. Trust me, I have screwed the pooch big time when it comes to being all that I hoped I would be when it comes to being a great dad…but guess what? They still turned out to be amazing kids. This is also for all the parents out there like me. It really is going to be ok as long as you just love the shit out of your kids…just make sure you tell them every single day.

Kyle and Eric,

So today is
Friday, May 17th…and guess what!? Eric, you buddy just finished
your first year of college…WTF, right?! Here’s the deal, Kyle you
just drove from your place in San Francisco all the way to Colorado
to help Eric move out of his dorm and are now taking a road trip
together back to Sonoma…I can’t begin to share with you how happy
this makes me. Spoiler alert..your Mom and I didn’t stay
married..haha. But really, I have so many regrets about things that
I could have done better as your dad over the years, but when I
slow down and just watch you two together I know without a doubt
that you are just fine. The relationship you two have is amazing
and I have been so lucky to see and enjoy you guys just being
yourselves…together…and it makes me smile and cry at the same
time, I’m just so proud.
Yep, you’re both Men now, but you will always be my
boy’s..and I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being
such great kids and always cherish the special bond you have with
one another…as you grow through life you will realize how rare and
truly special it is.
Have a great trip back to Cali and if you end up in
Vegas, don’t try to steal Mike Tyson’s tiger..just say’n
I love
you both.


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  1. Smiles and tears. xo

  2. Baron Bernstein:

    Gives me great hope!

  3. michelle dale:

    I am sitting at my computer right now crying from the warmth in my heart from reading this!!!!!! Thanks, it is EXACTLY what I needed today/this week. Motherhood, (single motherhood) is a wild ride. I keep telling myself, as long as there is LOVE the rest will work out.

    You ROCK Mike. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Fingers crossed with a heart WIDE open,


    • Joe:

      Michelle totally wrote (almost) exactly what I was thinking and saying.

    • Rachael:

      MIchelle, saw Kate at Depot Park today! That girl is nothing but love helping K on the playground during her own field trip while I hobbled to catch up to him on my bum knee! You’re doing a wonderful job with those kids!!!!

  4. Chris:

    Plus they both love to drink beer, so they must be perfect children.

  5. Rachael:

    For those moments that are tough and ugly, believe me, my strength and love to continue on this crazy road of parenting stems from you and Megan!

  6. Gary:

    Nice Mike, very nice! I’m always think’n if I’m doing enough as a Dad. I will probably be think’n that more often as Emilie gets through her teens. :) Your story gives me hope. Thanks Buddy

  7. julie:

    you’re an awesome dad and your boys are incredible young men – great job!! I love you!

  8. L:

    You are an awesome Dad always have been!! Parenting is learning as you go on a daily basis. Parenting is hard such a commitment yet rewarding. Both you & Megan let the boys know they were always loved.

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