Summer Jerks and Stripes

A letter to Hubs and Hops – We’ve noticed you’ve been busy lately. Please consider this letter to the editor as a pre-packaged post to your website, should you deem it worthy. Photos included, credit Anchor Steam pic to C&N Catering, jerk chicken photo to The New York Times.

Your dedicated readers,
C&N Catering



Last weekend, the dedicated #hubsandhops uberfan readers also known as C&N Catering were lucky to be among the select few to preview the Highway House remodel that Mike and Megan have basically been kicking ass on since they moved over here to the west side of town. A fresh coat of bone white paint on the clapboard in the back, galvanized steel tubs filled with chunks ice and brews, old and new friends, some Cinco de Mayo salsa dogs hot off the grill, and not a single mosquito in the lot.

Across the highway the pollo asado grills at the Mexican grocery stores crackled and smoked away, and it got C&N to thinking (naturally) of pulling together some killer grilled chicken dinners for all of our upcoming 2013 summer parties.


The “N” side of C&N immediately locked into this recipe for jerked chicken over at The New York Times, and it was thus decided: this would be the summer of jerk. Jerked chicken, jerked pork, jerked prawns, jerked abalone, hell jerked okra and jerked artichokes and jerked tomatoes if we can figure all of that out. Of course, the ultimo perfecto accompaniment to anything jerked is an iced, iced, iced, ice-cold bottle of Red Stripe Jamaican Lager. So, taste buds wet with the promise of spicy chicken and freezing clean icy beer, we ended up over at YouTube, watching some of the bad-assest beer commercials ever made. Hooray beer!


And yet, even as we considered those classic ugly bottles of Red Stripe, we were inextricably drawn away from tradition and nostalgia to a lager of a different breed: that of our dear friends at Anchor Steam Brewery. If for whatever reason you’ve been living under a rock or outside of the export zone or whatever, you’ve got to find a way, any way possible, to score yourself a sixer of Anchor Steam’s California Lager. Like Red Stripe, this brew is crisp, clean, delicious, and pairs perfectly with spicy chicken, a cheddar burger, or (and we think probably the best) a chilled pint glass.

We’re about to pour another Anchor Lager now, toast our friends Mike and Megan and the incredible focus and creativity they bring to the remodel of their new home, a focus and creativity that they seemingly bring with ease to everything in life. Thanks guys for the Sonoma Project, for #hubsandhops, for friendship, and thanks for inspiration. We’re looking forward to a summer filled with jerks and stripes. Hooray beer.

C&N Catering

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  1. Mike:

    Thanks to Chris and Nina, AKA C&N Catering…love you guys!

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