Nope, I’m not dead or anything.

So, ya…been gone for a bit, my bad. Good news, I’m not dead or anything. Bad news, I’ve been working my ass off trying to make my new house livable, and guess what…I’m getting close but at the same time I’m like a million miles away. So the story is pretty simple, Megan says “hey let’s go look at this place on the highway in the Springs” and my mind is thinking….”ya, fuck that” but history has taught me to know I say sure (the plan is that I say yes and we go look, then we both realize that the place sucks and we go home…zero confrontation and we move on). BUT…when we pull up and she is looking at the”shit hole” that was the house, I’m looking at the empty commercial lot (attached to parcel) that was once the old brick Clemente Inn…sold.

Clemente Inn

So, the building was recently torn down, but is soon to be recreated even better and yes, wait for it…wait for it…as a dream come true…BREWERY!  So, anyway…my shit has been slammed and I’m sorry. But the story is about to get good, so stay tuned!


And without a doubt there has been a lot of this going on the last few weeks…just say’n. Thankfully with a lot of work from my co-pilot Megan as well as a bunch of help from some great friends and family the once “shit hole” is slowly becoming a really beautiful little place…it’s kinda like a cracker jack box though, the prize is on the inside…the outside…not so much, yet.

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Ok, back to work….talk really soon!

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  1. Joe Ohman:

    “Wait for it… wait for it… As a BREWERY! ” Haha, love it!
    I didn’t know about the brewery thing.

  2. L:

    Wow! Sounds intriguing .. Remember ‘if you build it they will come’.

  3. I want a six pack of the first batch!

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