Sonoma Raceway Instagram Roundup – #hubsandhops

Sonoma Raceway, formerly Sears Point Raceway and Infineon Raceway is the killer 2.52-mile road course and drag strip just south of town. On summer days I can hear the faint roar of NASCAR as well as the unbelievably short 3 second rumbles when Top Fuel Dragsters are in friggin’ bad ass!  So hey, what goes best with anything that has to do with a race track…yup, beer! This weeks Instagram Roundup photo celebrates the ongoing tradition of being warm, watching someone drive something as fast as they can and drinking a nice cold brew.

Sonoma Raceway

Let me show off your Instagram photo next Sunday, here are the details. You know you take some cool photos, join the fun. #hubsandhops

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  1. Rachael:

    I had no idea it was 2.52 miles. We walked it yesterday for John’s Army to Stomp out Stomach Cancer and let me tell you this, Turn 2 is a fiesty b!tch…!! This beer sign totally made rounding the corner worth it…if only there were free samples like Mud Factor!

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